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COVID-19 Update – Friday, April 3, 2020

Greetings to all from the Board,

As we all continue to isolate ourselves during these uncertain times we encourage you to reach out to each other. While we cannot meet in person we can still communicate encouragement to our families, friends, co-workers and acquaintances.

It is truly amazing in times of crisis how people can rally to overcome adversity. It is no different with the people of Saint David’s. The Board wishes to recognize the valuable work that Alicia is doing and the support that Christopher is giving. However, much of this work could not be done without teams of our members who are giving of their time and services to provide help and assistance throughout our community. Please see the
attached Did You Know summary of just a few of the many actions that Alicia and the teams at Saint David’s are doing.

If you are feeling alone, anxious, or need food, prescriptions or some other need, please reach out to Alicia 977-0005 or the office via Christopher 651-9694. Perhaps join one of the prayer conference calls on Tuesday mornings and Thursday evenings.  For the dial in number, please contact the Church Office.

If you want to help in some way, but are not sure what you could do, please reach out to 977-0005/651-9694 and your assistance can be co-ordinated with one of Saint David’s teams. Anything you can do would be invaluable and greatly appreciated.

I wish to thank everyone who is contributing to the work of Saint David’s in this time of crisis. We can and will come out of this stronger and more committed than ever.

Until we can meet together please stay at home, follow the rules, and pray for all our heath care and essential workers who are out their providing for our needs. Stay safe and God bless everyone.

Bill Allan

Did You Know?

  • Alicia, Christopher and Whitney have been working from home to continue the work of Saint David’s.
  • Last week 38 people joined our prayer conference calls on Tuesday and Thursday.
  • 6 Youth joined on a phone conference call.
  • 6 children shared music and story on a zoom video call with Alicia and Whitney,
  • We have formed 7 telephone check in care teams reaching out to a total of 30 people on a regular basis.
  • Our pastoral care team committee continues to minister to 40 people by regular phone calls instead of visits at this time.
  • Our number of you tube subscribers has increased.
  • We had 3 new sign ups for our weekly newsletter, we now have 215 emails receiving our weekly news.
  • We have almost 300 followers on our Facebook page.
  • Our March 22nd Worship Service had 307 views – this does not represent the number of people.  Just think how many people in each household we are reaching through worship.
  • 111 people watched an object lesson that Alicia shared on Facebook for the children.
  • Families are receiving Sunday School lessons at home.
  • Several boxes of Kraft Dinner were donated to the food bank to help families in need, thanks to Jane Paciga for delivering for us.
  • With thanks to our UCW and Outreach assistance is being provided for groceries for some of our church families facing difficult times.
  • Members of our church family have been generously offering to pick up and deliver prescriptions and groceries to some of our church family who are not able to leave their homes.