Are we radically welcoming?

The Affirmation Committee was stood up on November 24, 2016, to explore the possibility of moving toward making Saint David’s United Church an Affirming Congregation.  The committee has met several times now, using the literature Open Hearts as a guide for the affirmation process.

Affirm UnitedThe Affirming Ministries Program is a network of United Church of Canada congregations and ministries that declare themselves to be fully inclusive of people of all sexual orientations and gender identities. And it asks each Ministry to take action.

The program encourages all United Churches to study and discern what it means to be truly welcoming–or as we like to call it, “radically welcoming“. Many churches have taken the Affirming Congregation process one step further, to ensure it encompasses making sure people who may not always feel welcome for other reasons do feel fully welcomed, whether those reasons be race, ethnicity, socio-economic status, mental/physical health, gender identity or for any other reasons.

The Affirmation Committee at Saint David’s has identified the following areas as priorities for becoming educated on related “justice issues” and for exploring how we become more welcoming: LGBTQ, Race and Ethnicity, Mental and Physical Health, Gender.

Over the course of our meetings we have been researching and education ourselves on the language we use, its implications and barriers to our becoming “radically welcoming”. Committee members have been broadening their understanding of social justice issues.

Click here to read Rev. Sean’s sermon from September 24, 2017, introducing the congregation to the affirmation process.


Join the Conversation

Members of the Affirmation Committee will be speaking with the various church committees over the coming weeks. You’re encouraged to share your own thoughts as we go through this process. If you would prefer to have a more private conversation, please reach out to a committee member. To get connected with Marg Atkinson, chair of the Affirmation Committee, or any other member, please reach out to the church office.


We want to hear from you!

We value the input of members of the congregation, individuals who do and don’t feel welcome at Saint David’s United Church, and members of the community at large.

Please share your thoughts and questions with us. The information you provide will be shared with the Affirmation Committee to help us as we explore these important issues and as we seek to educate others. Providing your name and contact information is optional.