Saint David’s LIFE Committee

The Saint David’s LIFE Committee was established in October 2018 to foster greater collaboration between members of the Christian Life and Growth, Membership and Worshop committees, reducing duplication of work and building on our strong teamwork.

To respect the time of volunteers by reducing large meetings, the LIFE Committed uses a small teams approach to take action and get things done.

Monthly Report

LIFE Committee Report - 18-11

Small Teams

  • Welcome Team
  • Decorating Team
  • Food & Fellowship Team
  • Pastoral Care Team
  • Communications Team
  • Social Activities Team
  • Faith Formation Team
  • Affirmation Team
  • Dream Team

What Does LIFE Look Like?

Semi-Monthly LIFE Committee Meetings

  • Quick reports from Team Leaders, including any requests for support.
  • Opportunity for Team Leaders to collaborate.

Team Leaders (one or two per team)

  • Facilitate planning and action however works best for the team.
  • phone, e-mail, text messages, Facebook group, Facebook chat, occasional in-person meetings

Co-Chairs of LIFE Committee

  • Elected board members.
  • Chair meetings and serve as link between Team Leaders and church staff/board.
  • Current co-chairs are Kim Lanigan (506-650-7765) and Daniel Wheaton (506-639-2965).


Presentation to the Board

LIFE Committee Presentation



LIFE Committee Small Teams