Congratulations on your decision to get married!

Here at Saint David’s United Church, we see marriage as a sacred circumstance in which two people can share and grow in the wonderful gift of life that God has given us. We believe it is an opportunity to celebrate something beautiful that has happened between two people. We look forward to working with you to make your wedding and your marriage everything you hope and dream for it to be.

The following information is intended to help you and us as together we prepare for your wedding. Please read it carefully.

Who Can Be Married through Saint David’s United Church

Anyone who wishes to be married within either a specifically Christian or universalist spiritual context can be married at Saint David’s United Church. This includes people from all Christian denominations, including Roman Catholics, Anglicans and people from Buddhist, Hindu, Muslim or other faith traditions. Saint David’s United Church is also happy to celebrate marriages between same-sex couples. If you are under eighteen years of age, the province will require written consent from a parent or guardian. People who are divorced may be married but proof of the divorce is required in order to obtain a marriage license.

Presiding Minster

Weddings at Saint David’s United Church are approved and conducted by the resident minister. At times, they may not be available for your wedding or you may wish to select another minister to assist in the ceremony. In either case, you still must complete the regular application process and fulfill the standard requirements. If you wish another minister, priest, rabbi or spiritual leader from any tradition may assist the Saint David’s United minister in your wedding, subject to the approval by the Saint David’s United Church ministerial staff and official board.

Arranging the Date

Couples are asked to complete an Application to be Married at Saint David’s United Church. Once this application has been submitted to the church office, an appointment will be scheduled with the minister. Please do not make other arrangements until this first meeting has been scheduled. Our minister reserves the right to not marry any couple until having held this first meeting with them.

Marriage License

In New Brunswick, every couple is required by law to purchase a marriage license prior to the wedding. At Saint David’s United Church, we ask you to provide the Church Office with the marriage license three weeks prior to the wedding to give our staff time to fill out the forms and to ensure that all legal documentation is in order. Licenses can be obtained through Service New Brunswick. Please visit for the outlet closest to you.


Saint David’s United Church has on staff a Director of Music who is a professional accompanist. If you wish this person to assist at your wedding, you need to contact him directly. His name and telephone number can be acquired through the Church Office. Other musicians may participate in the wedding but only qualified organists or pianists may use the church organ and/or piano with the approval of the Director of Music.

Sound Management

Saint David’s United Church has a sound technician who manages the use of the church audio equipment. If your wedding has audio needs, for example the use of microphones and/or the playing of pre-recorded music, this person must be utilized. Please let us know well in advance regarding your technical needs so this person can be scheduled.


Photographs during the wedding may be taken solely by a professional photographer appointed by the couple to do so. People in attendance may not take pictures except during the processional into and the recessional out of the church. Video filming is permitted.

Church Decorations

Arrangements for delivery of flowers and/or decorations must be made through the Church Office. When decorating church pews or other wooden structures, no thumbtacks, nails, staples or stuck on items may be used. No confetti, rice and/or flower petals are to be used in the church building or on the church property.

Outdoor and Non-Traditional Weddings

There is no requirement to hold your wedding in Saint David’s United Church. Our minister will preside at weddings held at other locations, including outdoors, as long as they are in the Greater Saint John area. There is also no requirement to hold weddings in the traditional fashion. Our minister will help you design a wedding to meet your hopes and dreams.

The Minister’s Attendance at Wedding Receptions

Couples regularly like to invite the presiding minister to their wedding reception. This is because a close relationship is often achieved in the process of arranging the wedding. However, because of extensive demands on our minister’s evening schedule, as a rule, they do not attend wedding receptions. They will do everything in their ability to personalize and make your ceremony a meaningful and deeply joyful occasion. It is their service but also their gift to you.

Wedding Fee Policy

The following fees shall apply to all people being married at Saint David’s United Church.

Members / Adherents of Saint David’s United Church

Minister’s Fee $130
Accompanist Fee (with or without rehearsal) $100
Accompanist Fee (with singing) $150
Custodial Service Fee $50
Sound Technician Fee $50
Wedding Bulletin Fee $30


Use-of-Church Fee $250
Minister’s Fee $200
Accompanist Fee (with or without rehearsal) $150
Accompanist Fee (with singing) $200
Custodial Service Fee $75
Sound Technician Fee $75
Wedding Bulletin Fee $30
Document Preparation Fee $25

All fees must be brought to the church office at least 10 days prior to the wedding. Fees may be paid by cash or cheque, with payment being made individually, in sealed envelopes, with name and/or position indicated thereon. All fees are totally refundable if for any reason the wedding does not occur.

When a minister or an accompanist other than the resident minister or accompanist of Saint David’s United Church are used, fees for their services must be arranged and paid directly to them. All other fees will still apply as outlined in the policy above.

It is the policy of Saint David’s United Church that no persons shall be refused services within this community due to financial inability to pay. If this is the case, please discuss your situation with the officiating minister.

Saint David’s United Church Policy, September 2015